The 2012 BMW Mountainbike Enduro

The 2012 BMW Mountainbike Enduro doesn’t make compromises – it makes you smile. BMW engineers gave the off-road bike an improved frame, and that’s another thing that makes BMW bikes special – the frame doesn’t use any mass-produced components; everything on it is developed in-house.

images via: dexigner

Great handling and customisable settings give every climb and descent maximum comfort and superlative safety – proved by independent testing facilities that subject BMW bikes to tests that go way beyond the usual standards. A Crank Brothers wheelset gives the 2012 Enduro better stiffness and improved downhill characteristics. And all this is combined with an extraordinary design. Parts of the spokes are bright green, giving the bike a fabulous appearance, especially when it’s on the move. Green appears again on the saddle. The rest of the bike is metallic black to provide a striking contrast.


This is Movie clip For MBW Enduro (2010)


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